Independent Project - Sam

For the independent project I was initially interested in trying to use field recordings with a sense of familiarity as a point of inspiration for creating a physical presence for the sound that felt aesthetically matched, but unfamiliar or strange in appearance. In trying to decide what tools to use to create these environments I began to become much more interested in the tools themselves, and their ability to be modified in ways that could perform the sense of transformation that had initially attracted me to the idea I'd begun with. I decided then to choose one object I had wanted to use, define some of its functions and qualities of being, and find ways to modify it, as well as add or subtract elements, in a way that would highlight these functions and qualities of being, while also creating the feeling of a new object capable of shaping the emotional environment of a space.
I attempted to do this by using an overhead projector and removing its secondary projection lens and mirror and replacing them with a larger wall mirror that would throw the light in a less controlled way, and that also captured the color spectrum created when the projectors bulb reflects off its internal mirror and through its first lens. I also amplified the sound of the projector's fan by running a contact mic into a tape recorder/player placed inside the projector and set to record onto a homemade cassette tape loop. This audio signal was then simultaneously recorded to the tape and played through a small sub woofer placed outside of the overhead projector. The quality of degradation present in the projector's light bulb and its relatively short lifespan dictated my decision to amplify the fan's sound through an infinite, but also constantly degrading tape loop, and also to draw the color spectrum in crayon on the overhead's internal mirror so that the projection would emphasize the color being projected, but also have a quality of degradation in that the crayon while being subjected to the intense heat of the bulb would eventually melt