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Embodied Sound - Sam

I struggled with the embodied sound project. Having difficulty finding rewarding, or even successful, experimentation with the media that was our entry point, I began to think more closely about my interpretation of the idea: "embodied sound." I began thinking about what it means for sound to be embodied, which led me to become interested in the idea of sound objects (physical things that contain/produce sound or have some sonic quality), the most intriguing of which to me was the box-fan.
The fan being an object whose function it is to move air to create wind and thus the sonic drone of air moving and interacting with its physical environment, wind as embodied sound became a powerful idea to me. Wind seemed to me, a force with the most basic elements of what I thought constituted embodied sound: it is a force that itself is invisible, but makes itself known by sense of touch and sound. It has a strongly physical presence in that we can feel it and see it interacting with its physical surroundings; it also produces various sounds based on its interactions with its physical surroundings.
What I attempted to do was use the box-fan as a wind generator and create a scenario in which someone could experience the sonic and physical presence of the wind either simultaneously, or exclusively: simultaneously by sitting on the chair placed in front of the fan, and exclusively by listening to the sound and standing away from it, or sitting in front of the fan wearing the ear muffs and only feeling the winds physical

Sound throwing speaker swing

Here is the video of my interactive speaker swing. After their movement is initialized from the interaction with a person, they continually move due to the magnets positioning. The higher frequency sounds that come from the speakers are basically thrown through the air as the speakers move around creating a great acoustic environment. The quiet sounds coming from these 2 speakers become a bigger, louder sounding environment then one would expect could come from them. As the sound is thrown it basically becomes similar to low end frequencies by completing their cycles at a longer distance, ranging anywhere under 50 feet depending on its speed and movement.


embodied sound documentation

post documentation of your embodied sound presentation

include any of the follow forms that will best communicate the experience of your work and how you created it:

- video of your embodied sound work - especially if you presented it as participatory, performance, or a hybrid experience. [the iMac in W123 has video files of all presentations in a folder on the desktop (thanks to Vanessa for recording).
Use the vlc application to open the video files.vlc.jpg

- photo of the work as you presented it

- drawing or sketch of the whole and/or elements of your embodied sound project

- technical notes that both document the process for you and give others insight into how you approached your embodied sound work

- links to related software, electronics, inspirations, etc.

- questions that you feel are currently unresolved in your embodied sound work at this time or questions that you are interested in pursuing further

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