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Final project documentation

My level is published at under community. You can find it by a search of "light and sound" by killakoda to see a description and number of people played and a rating of my creation. I used 128 different sounds in game and utilized lighting to create a other worldly atmosphere.

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Final independent project

After many attempts and revisions from my last project, my independent project has evolved into a piece called Search for Audio Rescue. I have placed the speakers on a audio trained search dog, similar to saddlebags. As people interact with the dog, either throwing treats to certain areas to explore the room's acoustics or by walking him around the room, he will lead you to the room's sweet spots. The special audio that is emitted through the speakers helps to find small but significant areas where any sound can become much greater than expected. Not featured in this video is also version 1.1 where the only signals coming through these speakers are above the human hearing range. This was developed so only the dog can hear the acoustic possibilities around the room or other unexplored areas as well as to not bother humans in other areas not wishing to be disturbed.


Final Project by Meena

~ concept
I wanted to create a responsive environment exploring inheritance and randomness of sound. In my project, a random composition of bell sounds respond to an inherited metallic sound of coin and that opens up areas of personal sonic interests to dwell for unrestricted time.

~ the experience of this work
I had few tough challenges. 1st- not to let it sound like robotic compositions. Each collection had to be as natural as wind flow. I believe our ears sense touch of sound just the way our skin senses touch of wind and water. So I had to go back and rerecord bells several times until they became a touch of wind. 2nd challenge was to control the response in max5. It should not start or end abruptly, it should not be the same composition being repeated often. 3rd- creating a situation of endless easy conversations. 4th- choosing right object, in this case- coins. Personally I enjoy listening them bouncing off each other or on various surfaces. They can create a large range of sound delicacy. I luckily came across gold color coins with 'no cash value' written on it.

~ a visual or narrative sketch
I planned to let max 'hear' to coin's sound and respond within few milliseconds. Heard strike was strained through five filters. Alternate resulting channels were dumped so each and every composition (that was being heard back by same program) did not get a ripple effect, sounds more natural. Filtered strike then activated algorithmic activity to compile 1 to 6 bell sounds and then released the composition.

~ technology of choice
I basically needed a microphone, processor and speakers beside an area to contain coins. Just before in class presentation, both mics I had from toolcrib did not respond at all so I decided to use the built in mic from laptop.

~ where/how you imagine presenting this work
At any not so loud social setting. I like Diane's suggestion of incorporating round table and chairs to bring more comfort.

~ how you began
I began by taking a small recorder to antique shops and record some bell sounds. Having Christmas around helped me to find many kinds of bells.

presentation video is here
Patch is here