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walking noise

This was recorded walking after class one evening. Walking is a psychological site to me in the sense of where my mind goes when in the physical act of walking. The intensity of the traffic noise was quite unexpected on the recording. I think this helps capture walking as a psychological site


Jeremiah's site sound #1

Work-Site Sound Sketch #1

The selected site for this project was work, and more specifically, my place of employment. It is my attempt at making a reflection of my relationship with the place where I work, and also exploring the idea that often times physical sites like "home," or "work," etc., become symbols for the activities, emotions, and relationships, etc., that happen there.


Response to my old house of windows-1380

First Sketch

This sketch created with a found sound from the West Regis building and a synthesizer. It ran over a minute but I didn't want to constrain further then I already have. The site I chose is a psychological mixture between suspense and anxiety, both building and leaving, in what I hope resembles a 3 dimensional space. Recommend listening with headphones.

I've tried uploading but the files not showing up. Hopefully no one minds I'm using for now. You can download the file by clicking the player.

site sound sketch #1

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