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site sound #2

Sketch 2 - Meena

Site Sound #2

I used mainly the "chop saw", "Sound Sketch," "Welcome to the Machine" and "Sound" to create this piece. I enjoyed mixing the sound of voices and footsteps with high pitched squeals of the saw and heavy drumming sounds. I used this assignment to experiment with my audio editing software. I feel like this piece conveys both a sense of urgency as well as being trapped.


Sound Sketch Number 2

Second site sound sketch created with sound from everyone who posted the first sound sketch.

You can click the left image to download.

Processing gossip

site sound sketch #2

Listen to the one minute sound sketches #1 and make selections that you use to compose a new 1 minute sound work site sound sketch #2.

Post your site sound sketch #2 to the blog.

Sound sketch #2

This sketch is a composite of 5 different sound sketches with a computer generated voice reciting a script of random vowel-consonant pairings such as: po it of po pit pit mo...etc.

composite site sound sketch w voices.wav

Site Sound Sketch #2 - Sam