2-3 Sound from the sphere



This is a purely abstracted culmination of the 1 minute sketches, warped and twisted beyond many degrees of recognition. This is more a less a example of the intensity that sound possess, and the why not aspect of art. The process involved the passing along of further distorted renditions of the track, between Matt, and Szavio, each transference perhaps leading further down the rabbit hole.


Maybe it's this fall weather creeping in, but I thought your piece had a very ominous feel to it and would be a great soundtrack for a haunted house or horror movie. I heard whispers, distorted voices, and what sounded like a squeaky dog barking in a basement. Some were muffled sounding and some were more jarring, but I thought they flowed together to effectively create a mood.

There was definitely an eerie feel to the overall piece, and sort of a threatening undertone which grew the longer you listened to it. The pieces initially felt more indistinct but grew more recognizable, which really made this effect greater the longer you listened to it, until the rather intense nature of the ending. Though the initial parts did not have an apparent connection, they were fairly smoothly and mostly seamlessly connected in the way you edited the sounds together. The distortions were very well used in combination.

I feel that your piece was sinister in its definition. It would be ideal to be used in a soundtrack for a scary movie. Great piece. I would like to use it on my Halloween page http://www.kidzcoolzone.com

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