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The site sound as I chose to relay it, was more a less an experimental process involving The creation of the SSS or suitcase sound system. Harvesting parts from my time machine I put a 12 inch sub in a suitcase, with a car amp, and some old speakers from the electro-pile in w123, mixed with some hot glue, and wires. The result was a really heavy suitcase that is really loud. The possibilities with the SSS are endless, it is both tool and art.10132011079.jpg
Observe the secret of its power is 12 inches
And you can be stylish when you need to have an airport dance party!!!!
There were 3 segments to the experimentation, Piezo on a stick, transducer (or what are you listening to?), and an ongoing study of the effect of musical interventions

resistor id + calculator

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to find out the value of a resistor you can use this resistance calculator
to translate the color code on this colorful electronic component into a number.


Image Of Speakers...

Vent Recording...

Coffee Cup Recording...
working at starbucks.wav

Sound Artist Presentation

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Chose a sound artist or collaborative group of sound artist as the focus of your presentation.

This is an opportunity to explore the work of a range of sound artists to become more familiar with the diversity of the work of contemporary sound artists and/or to focus more intently on a particular artist who has been influential to you.

links to sound artists:


Include the following in your Sound Artist Presentation:

- Background information about the artist.

- Discuss what attracted you to the work of this artist.

- Select two examples of this artist's work and use these to discuss the range ideas that inform the work of this artist.

- Describe how these works relate to the artist's larger body of work.

- Relate this artist, via content, process, technology, perspective, etc. to that of another contemporary artist or artists from another time period.

- Discuss how the work of this artist informs your own thinking.

>>>>>Following your presentation<<<<<

Enter a post on the blog that includes:

- background information about the sound artist that you chose

- links to examples of the artist's work

- a statement describing what attracts you to this artist's work and/or process and how this informs your thinking about your own work.

circuit bending

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a video intro to circuit bending here .. tools processes, etc.

A visual step by step guide to building an incantor- transforming a speak and spell.

getlofi provides lots of inspiration, technical tips, and resources.

some examples of altered children's toys

and an Instructable guide

electronic parts

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Rather than re-writing another list of suppliers, I recommend that you check out:

Limor Fried @ Ada Fruit Industries and ladyada . She has a guide to finding parts that she calls
How to get stuff to make more stuff

... be sure to check out:

surplus stores

For local msp resources:

is a self-described surplus haven. Great if you need something "now" or if you generate ideas by browsing in a setting that encourages you to combine the visual with the tactile experience of exploring things that you can then hack, re-define, or otherwise transform.

If you have some lead time, surplus places like Electronic Goldmine generally offer the same electronics things only cheaper.

A coveted national resource that is local for us is Digi-Key. Generally parts arrive next day without needing to pay for next day shipping costs. They sell small quantities, are very dependable and have an encyclopedic collection of electronic components.

Embodied Sound

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Embodied Sound explores Sound Art that emphasizes and explores the physicality of sound.

You may approach this through the physical presence of tangible or tactile modse of sound making, through some form of wearable sound art, an extension of your work with site sound that furthers
this exploration of the physical, tactile or corporeal presence.

Your embodied sound work may be inspired by the piezo and DIY mini-amplifier that you made, our circuit bending explorations , the sensor activated possibilities introduced via the arduino or a divergent interest that you bring to this project.

Inspirations for Embodied Sound may come from:

Iannis Xenakis's Concrete Ph

... or Ed Osborn's Night Music

Kelly Dobson's Blendie and her work with machines as companion species.. ... or her Wearable Organ series
featuring Scream Body

Kanta Horio's experiments with electro magnetism, teapots and more.

Walter Kitundu's experimental instuments including the phonoharp
... and Ocean Edge Device.

Playful new instruments such as Gili Weinberg's Beat Bugs and the musical shapers
href="http://www.cc.gatech.edu/%7Egilwein/Shapers.htm" Squeezable that Gil Weinberg and Maggie Orth developed for the Toy Symphony.

Maggie Orth's wearable musical jacket

and Jay Silver's drawdio.

Richard Lerman'
s sound work with piezo's may be i interesting.

Stephen Vitiello's Speaker Drawings may inspire or his World Trade Center piezo recordings may expand your notions of the contact mike.

Alyce Santoro's sonic fabric

Nicolas Collins and Paul D Demarinis
each explore the tangible and the sonic in astounding ways.

Post a sketch of your Embodied Sound idea and then add the documentation of your Embodied Sound work in this category.

Include image and sound files and, if relevant, a video of the the object, space or phenomna.

Matt Howard Site-sound

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performance art. weirdo.

Site Sound Concept

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Sounds of Gun Lake. I will be taking recordings with the contact mic and the internal Marantz mic of different locations around the lake, including water sounds with the contact mic. I might secure the mic to a kayak and experiment with different depths and locations in the water. I will also try to include shore sounds and try to mimic some of what they do in the frog lab- recording an individual species and then the whole chorus. I want to try different times of day- maybe only using night sounds, or do a daylight/nighttime progression. Depending on how the clips end up, I might isolate 3 or 4 recordings to different speakers and play with volume.

Site Sound - Dist/intimacy (Sam Fuentes)

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I will record with an omnidirectional microphone in the middle of the performance space. Moving along the perimeter of the space, I will circle the microphone. As I spiral slowly inwards I will also be producing a smaller, more intimate sound - something along the lines of crumpling a piece of paper, or snapping legos together, etc. For 5-8 minutes, I will fidget my way in a spiral towards the microphone. The surround-sound track will play back in the space. It begins totally unedited, just the sound of me pacing around the edge of the space. But as the sound gets closer to the mic, I will edit the track so that the reverb gets bigger, deeper and more intense. When my intimate fidgetings are right on top of the microphone, the reverb will be deep and ethereal. A close sound in a deep space is the end product. I wanna take you on a sonic journey.


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For my site sound piece I am hoping to experiment with listening to music through a contact mic and the vibrations of water in different vessels. I am also interested in distorting the sound by altering the frequencies and projecting them from different sides of the room where it will be shown/ experienced so I can play with the idea of binaural beats.

Site sound project

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Site: Underwater near the Stone Arch Bridge and a waterfall
I plan to create 3-5 short pieces from different spots under water near the waterfall. I will use a contact microphone and attempt to record acoustic sounds, too.
To present my project, I will have each recording play from different speakers in the presentation room. I would like the sounds to play in relative distance from each other in which they were recorded.

pre soundsighted

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Sound Site Plan

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I'm going to create a sound-walk. I have the path i want to walk in mind. There will be two main sections; a day-time section and a night-time section. I am hoping to achieve different ambiences, and thereby moods, by this temporal change. Also, the night-time section will include activities not wise to pursue in the light of day. I hope to present a very familiar space, the U of M campus, and give the listener a new understanding of the space through this walk.

Contact mic recordings

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