The User- Sound Artist Presentation (via Candice)

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Background Information:

The User is a contemporary art collective comprised of Thomas McIntosh and Emmanuel Madan, who are best known for their work Symphony for dot matrix printers,Silophone and Coincidence Engines. The duo uses their collective knowledge to create projects that draw relationships between technological systems, culture and the human experience in striking ways. Thomas McIntosh was born in London, England in 1972. He studied architecture at Carelton University in Ottawa as well as the technical University in Berlin. Emmanuel Madan has a background in composing, sound art and curating shows in Montreal. He studied electronic acoustic composition under Francis Dhomont in the early 90's. In addition he spent time as a radio broadcasting engineer, journalist, and producer. Since 1998 both McIntosh and Madan have worked in collaboration to create works under the name The User.

Attraction to Artist:

First, the most striking was the name. Initially, it made me think of a tag name or Tron and I was just drawn to the idea. When I began looking at their work I was impressed with their presentation and idea of using technology and everyday sounds to create something new for people to view and listen to. In away it was much like my first impression of them as a tag name. Their presentation of their work reminds me of the same ideology a street artist/ graffiti artist might work. For example the Symphony 1 for dot matrix printers takes machines that we are so familiar with, that even may be considered junk. These artists use machines to reinvent our image of the objects and the sound they produce in the same way that I have watched street artist take ordinary or broken down walls and change them into and artistic or political expression.


Symphony 1

Coincidence Engines


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