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Pietro Riparbelli and Massimo Bartolini.

I presented on these artists because I was initially interested in a piece that Bartolini had helped construct of a giant theremin that monitored audience interaction with a painting:
beyond entropy.jpg
Beyond Entropy

I found it hard to find information about him, so I turned to another artist whom he regularly collaborates with, Pietro Riparbelli. Riparbelli is an Italian artist and philosopher interested in phenomenology and perception and the visible/invisible landscape that can be explored through sound. He has done recordings of the ionosphere (as have others), but the pieces of his that I found most interesting were recordings that he made of ancient gothic churches in Italy. I liked how he thought of these places as sites to be explored, as sites of immense invisible energy, and potential. I was reminded of both Alvin Lucier's piece "I am Sitting in a Room" and some of our course readings about the role of field recordings.

An example of one of the church recordings

Some other work he does.

I think I was drawn to his work because I was having a hard time conceiving an idea for the site-sound project and so much of his work is based on a particular site, whether physical or not. As I reflect on this though, I don't know that I'm really inspired by this artist beyond this assignment. I should have taken more time to find someone whom I felt more of a connection to beyond a particular assignment. I think now I know that I appreciate more conceptual motivation behind a work, something a bit more innovative perhaps? Or maybe just something that exists beyond sound? I'm not quite sure.

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