Bakken Museum is electric

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My thoughts on the Bakken Museum:
The Bakken museum began as an exploration through the vault, containing a number of quackery machines, It was a fascinating experience to witness devices that astounded the people of the era, as well as exceeding the comprehension of the creators. I see a lot of potential for devices that employ principles unrelated to their intention. Perhaps devices that operate on black-magic. I find it very tempting to create things that operate on the unseen/impossible to identify their actual functions. Also the primitive sex devices incited my interests, being the first to combine electricity and sex would have been a remarkable at the time. The theremin was also exciting to see/explore, would really like to get intimate with one of those devices at some point. In many ways I was frustrated by this museum, I would prefer a similar type of place were you can touch everything. Albeit they had things that were interactive, The really wonky dangerous looking devices looked funner. Oh well.

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