Embodied Sound - Project 2


Documentation from my embodied sound project:

The sketch of each part of the project.
Photo on 2011-12-23 at 11.21.jpg

The mircophones were attached to each end of a wooden stick.

We glued the cable to the stick at the area where the balloon tied, to make a smoother surface for the balloon to seal around.

The glue and tape helped prevent air from leaking.

After the stick was finished, we blew up the two balloons with microphones inside them while we were in the lab.

Wireless mics transmitter.

We filled one balloon with helium and one with regular air, to see if there was a difference in sound between the two.

Packing up supplies to head over to West Bank.

Tying on the two "lift" balloons that were blown on in the parking lot.



I loved considering what we were intended to hear from the microphones. I thought we could be listening to scientific low-atmosphere phenomena and strange physical stresses from the balloons, or we could be able to hear the whole city from a single vantage point. Both were interesting to me, but I especially liked the idea of being able to hear the commotion from the whole city from one point at a quiet altitude. The possibility of being able to sonically take-in an entire city was an almost zen-like proposition.

this was definitely a great project to watch! I enjoyed being outside of our typical classroom setting, and I think that was a very creative choice on your part. Also the extra work you put in was very impressive, even if it didn't yield the results you had hoped for. I enjoyed the balloon farts the most!


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