Embodied Sound/Independent Project

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I combined my Embodied sound project and my Independent project. I used the embodied sound project to experiment with understanding how to "create a space". I was interested in figuring out how to create a particular emotion with the use of space and environment. My presentation I did for the class for my "embodied" project I felt was unsuccessful. I received plenty of feedback, however most of it didn't feel encouraging. I was hoping with my project to create an environment that makes people feel comfortable with dancing. However, I don't know if I personally was taking a big enough risk on my projects. I'm not sure what I would have done differently, perhaps more screaming and breaking of glass bottles. I'm not sure what the point would have been though, other than to have a selfish vent at my extreme displeasure and frustration towards most of life.

My final project went alright. I had a lot of people tell me they thought the music I was playing was great.. These people were all my peer's parents however. I felt like the perception of me was a nice boy, that plays nice music, to make people feel happy. This is not the person I wish to be, and not the persona I wish to present to the world. I do not feel any sense of inner power with this position. Thank you to Shannon Lee, Dan Dicken, Madelyn Lee for taking pictures with me at the end of the night! Also thank you to all my classmates that stopped by and said Hello. I was having a rough night and seeing you there to support me meant a lot.

Here are my pictures of the event. Photo credit: Shannon Lee


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