Independent Project

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My independent project was an experiment integrating sound into other work that I do. I am interested in exploring the performative in everyday behavior and using long exposure photography as a remnant and document. For this project, I integrated sound recordings as a document as well. I think that, by far, this was my most successful project this semester.

IMG_5089 document.JPG

There were two photographs hung in the room with a corresponding set of headphones and media player. Each photograph was created over the duration of one night-- exposure ranging from 6-8 hours. One was of me sleeping, the other of me trying to finish a research paper the night before the deadline. While the photo was being taken, a recording was made simultaneously. The audio players next to the photographs play the full, unedited recordings.

I had initially planned on editing down a more finished, consumable product from the original recordings. Yet, as I reviewed them, I found myself waiting for something to happen, trying to find patterns, wanting to stop listening, ending up really appreciating the recordings after hours of listening and committing myself. I did not want to spoil them. So, for easy sharing I chose one excerpt from the sleeping recording to play for the class that I felt exemplified the whole. I also tried to edit together a piece that would represent the narrative of the working piece.

sleeping 3-02.wav


Some things I found exciting about this project:
-How the amount of visual information did not correspond equally with the amount of aural information.
-Patterns, especially in the sleeping piece. How breathing patterns would only become noticeable after a loud truck passing or other noise. How this seems to correspond with the stillness of the photograph.
-How failure, the theme of the working piece, is evident in the photograph's underexposure.
-How nerve-wracking it is to me to listen to myself work.

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