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My last project was inspired by wanting to use sound to create the experience of not being connected to the ground. It was initially meant to be an interactive piece, but after rethinking the idea several times over, I ended up making a steth-mic to be used in an aerial performance. I used the mic to project the sound of my sister's heartbeat throughout the room while she demonstrated a modified aerial performance. My goal was to highlight the artist/athlete/performer's internal physical struggles in real time. Unfortunately I completely forgot to ask someone to take a video or pictures, so instead I am posting an image of the stethoscope mic (made by attaching a mini condenser mic to one of the stethoscope's earpieces). I've also attached an image of the aerial apparatus used by my sister during the project presentation. If I were to revisit this project, I would love to use a wireless mic and have it presented in a larger space.



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I really liked this project. The intensity created by your sisters heartbeat was unparalleled by any other project. As the prefromance ensued the rhythm remined me strongly of some type of tribal drumming, this added to the intensity of the work and provided a medium for trance like preceptions by the viewer. Also the relation between the heart as an essential organ and life being somthing that exists only due to the many factors that it is suspended between. Great work. Bravo.


This really was a great project. Using the speakers around the room really helped intensify the anxiety created by her heartbeat and the impending danger that comes along with defying gravity. I think your plan to use a wireless mic and a larger presentation space are spot on and would make this piece even stronger. Additionally, I think you should really consider collaborating with aerial dancers for a "real" performance. Really nice job.


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