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Justice is Xavier De Rosnay & Gaspard Auge. Formed in 2003, first full length album "†" released in 2007 to critical acclaim.

I will skip the details of why I think this is a great electro-house group and get into what I had skipped during my presentation. During the course of one of our readings there was a philosopher mentioning modern music, or, the change he thought we would witness in modern music. The author had said that our sound environment is now more filled with noise pollution. This is because of the industrial revolution, so now we have cars, factories, and hundreds of electronic machines that are apart of our daily lives. These machines all produce their own sound. The author described this passive existence much like an ocean or flour mill. If I live next to the ocean for long enough, after a while I won't hear the ocean anymore, unless I try to listen for it. If I live in a room with a computer, refrigerator, and like most people have lightbulbs, there is a static electric noise that these machines all produce. The author of this paper suggests that we too have begun ignoring these noises as static background. We are now adjusted to the age of machines.
The author goes on to explain that the timbre heard in a saw blade running can be much more interesting to the human ear than a full orchestra. We are fully adjusted to the sounds of an orchestra and to control the sound of machines is very exciting to us.
I believe that the first examples of this phenomenon are seen in early rock music of the 50's and 60's which used amplifier distortion as a way to create more timbre in music that wasn't heard previously. We have reached an end of this use of sound, now computers have helped in assisting us to make our sounds much more complicated. The age of computers creates real, controlled distortion, the use of sampling previous material at an infinitely open level, and all of this can be done essentially real-time. I believe Justice is the epitome of embodying this artistic paradigm. They embody much of the modern aesthetic of what is "cool" in the modern sound world. They also are very talented song-writers in the traditional western sense. Lastly, they take into account modern trends and old cliches of the past, and put all their pieces together with taste.

You may sample the album here:

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