Occupy 1960 (also..)

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Final individual presentation by Candice and Christy. ( I was not sure if I had to post it again, considering Christy put one up, but just in case I'm doing it anyway.)

In this piece Christy and I explored the similarities of political movements across generations by drawing connections between various famous speeches of the 1960's civil rights movements to the Occupy Movement of 2011. Through the speeches given by MLK, Malcolm X, and JFK it is striking to find that although the 1960 presented a seemingly different struggle many of the preached ideas can be meditated on in our current political struggles. To portray this idea we pieced together what sounds like an old radio broad cast inviting our viewers to sit together and listen to the broad cast while viewing a visual representation of the piece with a suit case speaker and a collage of the Occupy Movements signs. This piece is not meant to protest on any political side, but rather to draw connections to the two movements.

If you would like to view the sound clip it is posted on Christy's version of this post.

Here are the pictures of the installation:


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