Reflections on anechoic chamber

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The trip to the anechoic chamber was one of the highlights of this class. I loved having the experience of sitting in the room all by myself, something which was somewhat meditative except that tiny little details such as the light from the camera would become major distractions. I also loved spying on people with the infrared camera as they had their individual moment in the room.

Some pictures (I'll remove these pictures if the subject prefers not to have them online, just let me know.)

anechoic sz.jpg
anechoic sz2.jpg
anechoic sl.jpg
anechoic sl2.jpg

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Wow, the experience you had in that so called "anechoic chamber" seems pretty interesting! Spying on people in such moments, has given you some more insights on the human exploration for sure! Thanks for sharing all that with us!

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