Underwater guitar


Photo on 12-28-11 at 9.51 AM.jpgDespite the leakage and buzzy tones created by the vibrations of the slinky against the wall of the PVC tube I feel as though the project was a success. The compontents I used to construct the device included a variety of PVC tubing components, a small 4ohm speaker, a little 3w amp, a slinky Jr, a rubber cork, a contact microphone and some silicone caulk. One of the most dificult aspects of creating the device was properly sealing the speaker without muffling to much. If i were to rework the piece i would mount it on a small motor or fulcrum so that it could be physcaly moved to modify the sound. The amount of water in the tubing played a direct roll in the sound created, by moving it around the sound could be modified while prefroming not to mention the sweet sloshing sounds created by the motion of the water.


I love the analog attributes of your device, months ago I was thinking of a way to make a water distortion pedal, and I feel like you pulled it off very cleanly, and I see so much potential for expansion, making it interactive, even if it is not further pursued, I like the inventiveness of the device, it looks thought out, and semi-professional. I think you see that the distinction between sound-art, and your musical passions need not exist.

Great idea of this guitar. Will it sound strange?

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