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theramin + arduino

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Leon Theramin playing his instrument the theramin.

Inspired by the theramin + arduino :::

Arduino Piano-Theremin from Michele Spagnuolo on Vimeo.

• Arduino-Theremin: A simple, minimalistic Arduino-based piano-theremin with code accessible via github.
arduino + processing

• Lucky Larry's basic theramin is well documented and reference several of the examples included in this post.


• Theremin as capacitive sensing device


• Arduino Photocell Theremin Synth (glitchamin)

arduino theramin

a view of the raw technology awaiting embodiment


and yet another approach to the ardunio theramin using midi communication.

Inevitable there are questions, problem-solving, frustrations, etc. Check the Arduino:Forum for help. Here is a string of Q&A's re: the the process of making an arduino theramin.