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Embodied Sound Project Inklings

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My project is centered around one crucial technological function; playing a recording after pressing a button. I have been looking into arduinos as a possibility, but they might only be able to make tones or "melodies" out of those tones, which might be serviceable, if in desperation.

If an arduino cannot suffice, I will have to look into masking an iPod or similar mp3 player to create the sound; i really do not want to have this dimension added to the work, however.

If i can figure out how to get a thing to make a sound that I have recorded, the second aspect to my work is making a "duration"; I want to have a mechanical action press the button which would play the sound. The mechanical action must have a duration to it, to reference the passage of time. This could be done with a ramp for a ball to follow, or a trail for fire to burn. Some kind of rube goldberg contraption.

With these two aspects locked in, my artistic intention as author becomes solidified to a level i feel adequate. I don't know how other people will interpret it, but I feel I will have done my job.

Sound Site Plan

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I'm going to create a sound-walk. I have the path i want to walk in mind. There will be two main sections; a day-time section and a night-time section. I am hoping to achieve different ambiences, and thereby moods, by this temporal change. Also, the night-time section will include activities not wise to pursue in the light of day. I hope to present a very familiar space, the U of M campus, and give the listener a new understanding of the space through this walk.