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My independent project "Dr Tube". Dr tube began as a concept to bring us a new medium of observing sound. The inspiration for this stems from my own personal fascination with talk boxes. Th principle is a speaker emitting sound through a tube such that it can be modulated by our oral cavities. What I was more fascinated with from my own experience with my talk box was the resonances of our bones, sino-nasal cavities etc. It began when I started a feedback loop with my own talk-box and the use of a contact mic. More so the importance of this method to me is the "feeling" the physical presence of sound within our bodies vs a primarily auditory experience.
Process: Although I do enjoy making things that are intricately involved with arduino, and the behaviors that micro-processors grant us, I cannot deny the analog mechanical process of sound production. I began with a speaker, and a concept. Then upon a inspirational journey to Savers, I found a Microwave pressure cooker, easily drilled and fitted with holes. Put tubes in the holes, and create a airtight connection between the speaker and the tubes....

For generation of the sound I employed a strange feedback loop created by a 7-8 inch speaker utilized as microphone. This creates a deeper stranger feedback loop. The Squid was driven by the Suitcase Sound System amp, and also a contact mic can be used for creation of the feedback loop. I wanted to make it even more interactive somehow such that everyone "on the tube" could be involved in sound production/synthesis.

The idea to suspend it came upon the realization that otherwise I would end up with a pot full of spit. In addition to the functionality of this I was pleased with how it performed visually.


and more tube: 12202011300.jpg

This is a recording of feedback/body resonance with a single output talkbox, same phenomena of Dr Tube, just lonelier.
Sound clip 64.mp4
If this concept could be taken further I would go bigger, more tubes, and perhaps a more sanitary method of tubing, but I would never employ any disposable methods, enough things in this country are disposable...