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Site Sound

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People were asked to sit in rows in the middle of the room as if in bus seating. The audio track played over the 8 channel system so as to mimic movement around listeners fixed in the room. This was a pretty literal interpretation of the bus, but I was drawn to all of the bizarre sounds buses make: squealing, popping, hissing, beeping, etc. rather than just driving sounds.

I do wish it had been longer; this was mostly an experiment with editing files in audacity which I utilized in my final project.

site sound tracks 1-4.wav


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computer speakers don't really work for this recording due to the low frequency range

Site Sound - Project 1

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Here are my six sound files that were presented for "Mississippi Portrait."
1017 mic against rocks_.wav

Dist/Intimacy Documentation - Sam Fuentes

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Here's the recording.

The site sound as I chose to relay it, was more a less an experimental process involving The creation of the SSS or suitcase sound system. Harvesting parts from my time machine I put a 12 inch sub in a suitcase, with a car amp, and some old speakers from the electro-pile in w123, mixed with some hot glue, and wires. The result was a really heavy suitcase that is really loud. The possibilities with the SSS are endless, it is both tool and art.10132011079.jpg
Observe the secret of its power is 12 inches
And you can be stylish when you need to have an airport dance party!!!!
There were 3 segments to the experimentation, Piezo on a stick, transducer (or what are you listening to?), and an ongoing study of the effect of musical interventions

Image Of Speakers...

Vent Recording...

Coffee Cup Recording...
working at starbucks.wav