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1 minute sketch

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Jake and Dan's 1 minute Sound Site

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Jake Rohde and Dan Dicken's 1st sound site project

1 Minute Sound From the sphere


This sound is composed from a highly modified field recordings of downtown Minneapolis, and the surrounding journey.1020O.aiff

Broken One Minute

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Well, the original file I had for my one minute sketch is still broken, so I can only really upload (since I realized I hadn't had it up yet) either the broken version or the earlier unfinished version. For now, I am putting up the broken version (which is missing several clips and has weird jumps in volume as a result), but it will suffice for now.

Project Pseudo-Rap.wav

1-minute Shopping Spree (Sam Fuentes)

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1 min sketch by Sara and Shannon

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1 minute sound sketch

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When listening to the sounds that you recorded on your soundwalk, select the sounds that you would like to use to evoke the experience of the place/site that you visited.

Use these to create a 1 minute sound work and that post your 1' sound work on the server and on the blog.