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Canned Dice 2-3 minute sketch

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Jake and Dan's 2-3 minute recording

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Jake Rohde and Dan Dicken's Recording

2-3 Sound from the sphere



This is a purely abstracted culmination of the 1 minute sketches, warped and twisted beyond many degrees of recognition. This is more a less a example of the intensity that sound possess, and the why not aspect of art. The process involved the passing along of further distorted renditions of the track, between Matt, and Szavio, each transference perhaps leading further down the rabbit hole.

Ryan Wurst 3-4 min Piece


Here is the link to my piece:

3 min Sound

Sequenced from everyone's files - daniel


2-3 minute Shopping Spree (Sam Fuentes)


Wwwwalk by Shannon

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Just Not Listening

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This is the remix, yo. --BrianJust Not Listening.wav

2-3 min sketch

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2-3 re-mix sketch

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You have access to all of the 1 minute works create by our class. Using this archive, create a new, 2 to 3 minute sonic sitework. Post it on the blog and on the server.