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Contact Mic recordings

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contact mic and a whoopie cushion:
contact mic whoopie.WAV

contact mic on the bus:
contact mic on bus.WAV

another contact mic on the bus:
contact mic on bus 2.WAV

Contact mic recordings

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Matt Howard Contact Mic

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Piezo from the sphere Recorings

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Amp circuit finds jesus in this chaotic world of electromagnetic signals:

Then piezo takes a trip inside a piano
piezo in the piano.aiffamp circuit finds jesus.aiff

Finally my heart jams out for the piezo

Stethoscope Recordings

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I buit a microphone using a stethoscope because it is difficult to record body sounds with the contact mic.

Here is a picture of the stetho-mic:


It uses two electret mic elements, which are extremely cheap (less than a dollar) and they sound great.

contact soundz

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Contact Mic Excursion

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I hardly made it out of my kitchen, there were so many interesting sounds to be documented.
1. I put the mic in the toilet to record what the toilet hears.
2. I froze the mic in an ice cube and recorded the sounds of it melting in a bowl of water.
3. Placed the mic in the basin of my stainless steel sink and placed speakers on either side of the sink and waited for feedback/resonance.

Ice Cube.mp3
Sink Resonance.mp3

Contact Mic Recordings


My room TV.mp3

Big old TV.mp3

Small old TV.mp3

I got these recordings despite having soldered poorly! I was holding everything like a crazy-man

Contact Mic Sound Bites

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Contact Mic pressed against a variety of basic tools around the apartment. Some periphery noise came in through the recording, but the microphone still carried the sound well.