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Jt Bullit artist of the sound

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I found JT looking for an artist that I felt did things beyond conventional observation, making recordings of the earth etc. His scientific background and the further exploration of natural sciences through art is something I can definitely appreciate. He works with some very natural elements, that he understands given his background and makes them more universal through his art. Also I judge a lot about people from their websites, his was simple and intuitive, the way I wish many things could be. When I first stumbled upon it I instinctively was drawn to what he might be doing in terms of art. "Right here, right now, the solid Earth is moving beneath your feet." -Jt Bullit, I find this to sum up my appreciation for the earth, as well as for Mr. Bullit, his work puts into perspective our place on the scale of the planet. He transposes earthquakes, to become these unique auditory experience. This is why I relate his work to the singing sun whereby photographic imagery of the suns atmosphere is translated into an ethereal sonic experience. Taking things beyond our scale(or beyond our medium) of hearing and making them heard is awesome.

Jt Bullits website:

Artist Presentation: Bill Fontana

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I've attached a document which includes everything I covered during my presentation on Bill Fontana, including links to his works.

Art 3605 - Sound artist presentation.doc

Ray Lee @ MCAD

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Ray Lee is in Minneapolis next week.

In addition to doing some research at the Bakken Museum, he will be giving a talk at MCAD on Wednesday December 14th at 12 noon - Auditorium 140.

Artist presentation - Renset

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The core ideal to be taken from examination of this artist was to me, the distinction between "sound art" or "noise" as it has been referred to in past readings, and music. Renset often plays with this ability of ours, or mine at least, to recognize auditory stimulation as one or the other; what I listened to oscillated between recognition and the unknown. This links the two together and creates a new space for contemplation; is one merely submerged by the other, or does this comparison make them the same? Are both just noise, or is it all music? Does it matter?

So this artist to me, offered a very specific philosophical query to be pondered about the nature of, or perhaps definition, of Sound Art.

Site Sound

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