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Pietro Riparbelli and Massimo Bartolini.

I presented on these artists because I was initially interested in a piece that Bartolini had helped construct of a giant theremin that monitored audience interaction with a painting:
beyond entropy.jpg
Beyond Entropy

I found it hard to find information about him, so I turned to another artist whom he regularly collaborates with, Pietro Riparbelli. Riparbelli is an Italian artist and philosopher interested in phenomenology and perception and the visible/invisible landscape that can be explored through sound. He has done recordings of the ionosphere (as have others), but the pieces of his that I found most interesting were recordings that he made of ancient gothic churches in Italy. I liked how he thought of these places as sites to be explored, as sites of immense invisible energy, and potential. I was reminded of both Alvin Lucier's piece "I am Sitting in a Room" and some of our course readings about the role of field recordings.

An example of one of the church recordings

Some other work he does.

I think I was drawn to his work because I was having a hard time conceiving an idea for the site-sound project and so much of his work is based on a particular site, whether physical or not. As I reflect on this though, I don't know that I'm really inspired by this artist beyond this assignment. I should have taken more time to find someone whom I felt more of a connection to beyond a particular assignment. I think now I know that I appreciate more conceptual motivation behind a work, something a bit more innovative perhaps? Or maybe just something that exists beyond sound? I'm not quite sure.


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Street Art is Sweet Art

What i like most about Moondog is how he embodies his preformance. sure life imitates art and art imitates life yadda yadda. Moondog's life is art. Moodog's art is his life. he manifested his own persona, sound, and instruments. Also his fluid sense of rhythm is something i identify with. It is a similar state of being and art which i hope to achieve through my work.

Jt Bullit artist of the sound

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I found JT looking for an artist that I felt did things beyond conventional observation, making recordings of the earth etc. His scientific background and the further exploration of natural sciences through art is something I can definitely appreciate. He works with some very natural elements, that he understands given his background and makes them more universal through his art. Also I judge a lot about people from their websites, his was simple and intuitive, the way I wish many things could be. When I first stumbled upon it I instinctively was drawn to what he might be doing in terms of art. "Right here, right now, the solid Earth is moving beneath your feet." -Jt Bullit, I find this to sum up my appreciation for the earth, as well as for Mr. Bullit, his work puts into perspective our place on the scale of the planet. He transposes earthquakes, to become these unique auditory experience. This is why I relate his work to the singing sun whereby photographic imagery of the suns atmosphere is translated into an ethereal sonic experience. Taking things beyond our scale(or beyond our medium) of hearing and making them heard is awesome.

Jt Bullits website:

Artist Presentation: Bill Fontana

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I've attached a document which includes everything I covered during my presentation on Bill Fontana, including links to his works.

Art 3605 - Sound artist presentation.doc

Artist presentation - Renset

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The core ideal to be taken from examination of this artist was to me, the distinction between "sound art" or "noise" as it has been referred to in past readings, and music. Renset often plays with this ability of ours, or mine at least, to recognize auditory stimulation as one or the other; what I listened to oscillated between recognition and the unknown. This links the two together and creates a new space for contemplation; is one merely submerged by the other, or does this comparison make them the same? Are both just noise, or is it all music? Does it matter?

So this artist to me, offered a very specific philosophical query to be pondered about the nature of, or perhaps definition, of Sound Art.

Artist Presentation - Andrea Polli

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Andrea Polli

Andrea Polli received her Master of Fine Arts in Time Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a digital media artist living in New Mexico who works with science, technology and media. Currently, she works in collaboration with atmospheric scientists to develop systems for understanding storm and climate through sound (called sonification). Recent projects include: a spatialized sonification of highly detailed models of storms that devastated the New York area; a series of sonifications of climate in Central Park; and a real-time multi-channel sonification and visualization of weather in the Arctic. In 2007/2008 she spent seven weeks in Antarctica on a National Science Foundation funded project.

Links to examples of her work
Heat and the Heartbeat of the City:
Particle Falls:
Cloud Car:

I'm attracted to Andrea Polli's work because of the way she reshapes and reorders information using data sonification and visualization to explore the relationship between humans and the natural world. She draws attention to specific details within large and complex systems and translates them into a digestible form. The transformation of the data is done in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It's poetic and beautiful. In particle falls, the piece spurs curiosity with the viewer and motivates them to explore the issue of particle pollution further. The art creates a space for potential interactions and participation.

I think Polli's work sits at the intersection of art and social movements that I strive for. She uses her art to highlight environmental issues, further sustainability, and to share ideas of what our future could look like. She believes it's important for the public to have a greater understanding of science, especially in the case of complex issues like climate change, and helps spread that understanding to lead people to make informed decisions. I like that her art embraces many disciplines and invites participation from a variety of people. The process of working with experts in so many different areas makes her pieces have lots of depth.

China Blue and Sound Art Stuff

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Well, just so that everyone has access to the artist that I presented on, here is information on China Blue:

China Blue is a biomimetic and environmental sound artist, heaving using recycled materials as well as field recordings, depending on the project. She received her BFA from the California College of the Arts, and her MFA from Hunter College. She also teaches as an adjunct at Brown University.

She was the first artist to receive permission to record the Eiffel Tower during her residency in France. She has worked internationally, and currently looks at themes surrounding urban sprawl, environmental concerns, and the destruction of natural life. In particular, her Fireflies series works to show these concerns. Here are samples of her work and her speaking to NPR:

The User- Sound Artist Presentation (via Candice)

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Background Information:

The User is a contemporary art collective comprised of Thomas McIntosh and Emmanuel Madan, who are best known for their work Symphony for dot matrix printers,Silophone and Coincidence Engines. The duo uses their collective knowledge to create projects that draw relationships between technological systems, culture and the human experience in striking ways. Thomas McIntosh was born in London, England in 1972. He studied architecture at Carelton University in Ottawa as well as the technical University in Berlin. Emmanuel Madan has a background in composing, sound art and curating shows in Montreal. He studied electronic acoustic composition under Francis Dhomont in the early 90's. In addition he spent time as a radio broadcasting engineer, journalist, and producer. Since 1998 both McIntosh and Madan have worked in collaboration to create works under the name The User.

Attraction to Artist:

First, the most striking was the name. Initially, it made me think of a tag name or Tron and I was just drawn to the idea. When I began looking at their work I was impressed with their presentation and idea of using technology and everyday sounds to create something new for people to view and listen to. In away it was much like my first impression of them as a tag name. Their presentation of their work reminds me of the same ideology a street artist/ graffiti artist might work. For example the Symphony 1 for dot matrix printers takes machines that we are so familiar with, that even may be considered junk. These artists use machines to reinvent our image of the objects and the sound they produce in the same way that I have watched street artist take ordinary or broken down walls and change them into and artistic or political expression.


Symphony 1

Coincidence Engines


Christine Sun Kim

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A deaf sound artist explores the physicality of sound:

Artist Presentation - Ray Lee

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-Ray Lee is a sound artist as well as a composer and performer. "His work investigates
his fascination with the hidden world of electro-magnetic radiation and in particular how
sound can be used as evidence of invisible phenomena." He focuses on sound as a sort of
by-product to mysterious invisible forces. The structures he creates are often arranged in
multiples with spinning components and electronic motors or sirens or speakers. Some of
his most popular work has been produced with these spinning emitters that, when
arranged in a space and spun at different speeds, produce whirring, phasing ethers of
sound as a sort of minimalist music. Works like Siren allow you to walk into a
space and become enveloped in an eerie, thick, crystal chord of individual tones
produced either directly by the emitters or as harmonic consequences of the different
rotational speeds, proximity to other emitters, or acoustic interference by the architecture
of the space.

-What attracted me to Ray's work were these musical characteristics that felt like a sort
of byproduct of works like Siren. In his investigation of sound as a byproduct of electro-
magnetic radiation, he sort of discovered music in a minimalist form as a byproduct of
these sounds. And in my opinion, Siren is an apt name for the piece. I've never heard a
fuller or more hypnotizing chord, and I can only imagine the haunting clarity I would
feel if I were in the same room with the piece. And through these performances he turns
the space into a room with one purpose. The hypnotizing nature of being in a space
composed of the individual tones of one whirring chord seems to crystallize the space
and make it whole. I am fascinated with this idea of a room full of sound, the room as a