Studio Co-Laboratory

The Studio Co‐Laboratory project brings together creative researchers from the
colleges of Liberal Arts, Design, Biological Sciences and Science and Engineering as a
catalyst for interdisciplinary research and collaboration informed by concepts and
practices in art, architecture, biology, computer and electrical engineering, design,
mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and materials science.

The humanistic and social nature of the Studio Co‐Laboratory research focus creates a
context that brings together researchers in the arts, architecture, design, and the
sciences who do not typically have access to one another's research processes nor
the opportunity for creative research collaboration. The convergence of these
seemingly divergent modes of inquiry and practice‐based research reflects an
emerging phenomenon of artists, architects and designers actively exploring
scientific frontiers and technological innovation.

Collaborators of the Studio Co‐Laboratory project will take an interdisciplinary approach to developing project proposals for experimental forms of public intervention and engagement that address social needs, characterized as transitional in nature, that may benefit from ephemeral, mobile, transformable, or time‐based responses rather than "permanent solutions".

Recent Entries

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