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comments on the 2 critique processes on 9/12

Before your observations and responses fade, post your comments on the two modes of studio critique introduced by Juanita and David on Friday 9/12.

You will find David 's reflections and Juanita's reflections on the experience of the studio critique posted within the category:

Initial Critique

this is found nested within the category:

Critiques and Presentations

David and Juanita will each reviewing their approach to the initial critique and assess the experience in terms of how well it provided useful critique, what they may have experimented with in the process and how, why, where, and what - if anything - they would imagine approaching differently in the future.

Select "comments" to respond to David's reflections and "comments" to respond to Juanita's reflections.

Your comments to the post by David and the post by Juanita ncludes:

What about this particular studio critique approach was meaningful to you?

How did the artist elicit critique from the group?

What might enhance or extend the flow of critique in this context?


I thought it fitting to see an overview of the artists work with Juana. I’m unfamiliar with her past and past work. It seemed more of an introduction than a crit. and unfortunately this presentation method allowed very little time for group discussion. Donovan seems to feed off the initial responses when people enter his work. The quiet artist crit. was appropriate and he left with thorough feedback.

I was interested to hear from Dawei during both critiques?

This studio critique/peer review method is effective. First of all, the self interpretations of the artists (David and Juanita) are of the most interest to me in order to better understand the pre-history and stories behind the artworks, thus clearing possible cultural misunderstanding of the elements; secondly, the artist's interpretation "completes" or adds value to the artwork : using language to describe artistic expression is almost always a challenge. I particular enjoy the interaction between the artwork and the linguistic code; Last but not the least, a large amount of contemporary artworks are "responses" or "dialogues", distinguishing from modern art as "reflections" or "monologues", this peer review fit in the context nicely.