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Critiques- jazz, jason, linsey, primo

I thought our critiques were great. I know for me it was one of the better critiques I've had here. It was also the first time I have had someone outside the ceramic department encourage me to stay in ceramics. I have felt often like I had to keep defending my choice of materials. They both gave me a lot of things to think about which is what you want critiques to do. I also found it interesting that they brought up the folk art reference. I think it's interesting what creeps into your work from your background that you don't even think about.

As for the rest of the crew I think they all had good critiques. Jason seemed excited about the idea of props. As well they gave him some exciting directions to think about. I Think Jason may have found his niche. I was glad to see that Clive was picking up what Lindsey was putting down. I have found in the past people have struggled with her content. It was great to see someone understand that quickly. I think Primo really needed that crit I know she has been questioning how literal she needs to be and she got some good answers.