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donovan, david c

First i would like to thank you guys for giving me your insight. I always find it helpful to hear what others see and feel from my art. After mulling over what was discussed, i have come up with a few ideas on the way i want to further develop my process. One thing that stuck with me was Peters comment on the melodramatic nature that manifests its self in the objects i choose to use. This notion initially bothers me. I don’t want to seem cliché or have an emo-ism. I want my art to be serious and thoughtful. But on the other hand pushing this absurdity could give my work a larger scope and a twisted humor of sorts. That ludicrous exaggeration brings up the ideas we talked about dealing with breaking away from the horror flick mentality that people tend to bring to my work when they view it without a placed context. I’m not sure which way I want to lean, maybe both, striped down for some work and over the top for other pieces. Over all I think the process of hearing what the viewer has to say about the art without knowing what fuels it conceptually and how the materials represents the concept and then with a description of how I processed the information, followed by a discussion is an effective mode of critique.