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Laura, Jasmine, Jason...and me too.

Laura, I thought some really great stuff was said in your critique. Especially the part about the imagery being enough of a signifier to get you message across, and that maybe you should just make the big beautiful ice-burg. Jasmine, I was so happy to hear both Andrea and Clive speak about your Freshworks piece and say that it was that particular approach to materials that seemed your own. You don't have to be married to clay forever, but you also don't have to reject it. You do have a way of working with it that is all your own. Jason, I'm really excited about your dive into performance. I really had a great time participating in that piece. Clive and Andrea said some great comments to you that should give you lots of confidence to move forward and keep going with this stuff. I felt like my own crit was informative. I needed to think about a lot of the things that Clive said in terms of not seeing all these isolated projects, and focusing a bit. I always really love it when people look at my work and get all the influences, but I'm also trying to be more aware of the idea of being in conversation with the artists I love.