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I felt like I really got a much more in-depth idea of who Juanita is, and what her art is about through her presentation. I felt like I was in the same space as her in terms of knowing what it is out there in the world that motivates me to make art, but feeling somewhat unsure of what kind of art or practice is best going to communicate those motivations. I think she is doing the best thing by experimenting during her time here. I've realized that this is really such a rich environment of opinions, and this is what it's all about. Testing things out.
David's critique was a more traditional format, and that seemed to work for him as well. It seemed like he wanted us all to really get in and experience the work with him to see how we reacted. The atmosphere within the piece, and then the discussion taking place there was fun for me. I love work that removes me in a big way like that. Even if it's to a place that I don't necessarily want to go.