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our crits-Laura

I thought our crits went really well! I wish that we (the grad students) had talked more in Jason's but maybe it was hard to jump in when the conversation was going well with our guests. I agree that Jason needs to really utilize his studio as a place of happenings. I also wonder how his performances would transform if done in an alternative space. It was refreshing to hear someone outside the ceramic area push Jasmine to keep working more in clay. I am curious to see the clay forms in a larger scale and see what details could be gained. It was also refreshing to see someone pick out Lindsay's references to other artists. One thing that I have still been thinking about is how important the narrative is on the thimbles and if it can play a more dominant role in them. It seems less important on the thimbles than on her work in the past.

I am satisfied with how my critique went. Earlier in the week, I gathered questions both from previous critiques as well as ones that I had been thinking about. However when it came to it I ended up not even look at my notebook, due to being a little nervous. I wish that I would have explained some points better because some question came up about how the icebergs would be finished. Overall I found this critique to be insightful, stimulating and served as a good compass for the direction of my work. I greatly appreciate my fellow grads input as well as our guests. I will now light some candles and lock myself in my studio...