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Paulo Freire

Comment on this quote from Paulo Freire that comes to us by way of bell hooks in her work Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom

.... to begin always anew, to make, to reconstruct, and to not spoil, to refuse to bureaucratize the mind, to understand and to live life as a process - live to become ....

Would you comment on the spirit of this proposition in the context of the studio critique?

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The way I understand and translate this quote into my own life and work is through the idea of movement, therefore, of change.
Personally, I've been very interested in the "alchemist" way life can be approached and how this is strongly related with art. I consider it has been important for me to acknowledge the cyclical rhythm of life as a constant process of transformation. In this sense, the way I think an artist work (or at least I try to work) is by opening a process where while the artist materially transforms something, there is also an intellectual and even a spiritual transformation taking place in his/her own existence.
Now, the reality is that it is very easy to "fall in love and get married" just with one idea and that is the easiest way to stop the cycle.

in the "spirit" of studio critique this statement acts as a catalyst for inspiration and thought. Freire's statement declares freedom, a "kind" of liberation that begins and takes place within the mind. By "kind" i am referring to the thoughts that make up who we are, the thoughts that go seen and unseen, the thoughts the create evolution, the thoughts that declare change, the thoughts that manifest beauty, the thoughts that challenge, the thoughts that no one can regulate. When we "live to become," we LIVE, when we live we create, when we create we "reconstruct," when we "reconstruct" we end and begin new life.

The ideas presented in this quote speak directly to the ways in which I approach making art. Having fresh ideas and energy with ever work even when it was done once and then again. To learn from what was created and then to push the ideas further. Not to be bound by the norm. To be an artist who lives their work. In the pursuit to understand what is being conveyed in my work, the studio critique becomes vital to the process. Paulo Freires ideas lend them self’s to the critique in that an artist must approach their own work from another’s point of view. They should embrace the critiques that are given from their peers. Learning what others see in the work will broaden the scope of the art and the practice behind it. With that said, I feel as though Freire beliefs as so do I, that an artist shouldn’t give up on some thing they feel is worth researching. One should take in as much as they can and then filter that into their work

Marcel Decamp said that the viewer is responsible for half the work in creating art’s meaning. That is one of the most important reason that why I do like critiques very much.

First, I really appreciate that the three artist guests’ joined our critiques recently. Andrea’s works were particularly impressed me.

In the past two weeks we went through eight different artists works. Like what I said all of them pretty much informative me. Two of them really let me think much more than the others which are Peter and Jason’s works