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Pht initial critique

well thanks to everyone for your feedback and time. I think that I set up a little bit of a hard scenario. It is more difficult when there is not so much work to critique, but more the idea of the work that has yet to be made. Plus it seemed in retrospect that I kind of set up this installation (for lack of a better word) that was about the 'brand' of Pht which you kept commenting on but then I kept saying 'I don want it to be about me'. So I apologize for being a little schizophrenic perhaps. I do want my work to be about me, but maybe more in a way that doesn't create some idea of me.

But all that helps because it reminds me to think more about how that stuff will be read. I do think more time would be ideal, it seems as though things get rolling and then it is over. I guess we need to continue the conversation here or in person.

In general I am appreciating the chance to be in a class with all of you again and have conversations that feel real. So thanks. If you want to read online something about Joshua Slocum, check this out, and TJ and my research can be found here.

Oh also someone left a notebook in our studio, it is a U of M lined notebook, I don't see a name on the cover. Come by and claim it!

to add a little more to what I said above, I want to blur the boundary between art and life but in doing that I dont want to make me the art, but still use my curiosity and passions as the basis for the art. I guess that is what we all do isn't it?