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I was picturing T.J. when I took this picture in Jacksonville.

Overall, the crits were short. Maybe we should take advantage of extra time when it is upon us, like the misfortune of chad being ill. The 1st hour of class was enjoyable but we could have been in studios. The crits thus, for the most part, seem to be mostly introductions. As for my critique experience: I tend to talk too much, and not really say much of anything, when really what I'd like, is to hear other people talk. I should save the talking for my presentation. Just having humans in my space gives me thoughts, what they look at, don't look at, what they say, even their bored faces give me thoughts. Thoughts are important. Thanks for the thoughts. If anyone has more please send me an e-mail or stop by.




have you watched this DVD?
certainly related to your prints but also to your cabin.

Thoughts, questions and action, that's what makes things move forward and that's what I saw in your studio last Friday. Visiting your studio was "revealing" for me. I'm delighted by all the artistic and not artistic things you have displayed around your space. Despite the diverse nature of all those objects, they all seem to be connected to each other, they all seem to be part of a BIG thought. I'm very curious about the research yo are doing on the tree/cell phones/antenna/tower (whatever they are called), they are amazing!