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Freire's quote reads as an attempt to quantify the meaning of life. I interpret "to begin always anew" as a reference to the start of a new day, new lifestyle, new relationship or any kind of significant or inconsequential paradigm shift. "To make, to reconstruct, and not to spoil" could be Freire's description of cyclical nature of life. "To make" as in making new connections or following a calling, a purposeful act in life. "To reconstruct" as in repairing torn connections or reevaluating ones decisions. "Not to spoil" goes back to making and reconstructing. The conscious effort and act of making, then reconstructing reveals ones understanding of spoiling or taking pivotal aspects of life for granted. Not spoiling inherently causes reflection and reconstruction. Bureaucratizing the mind creates modes of thinking that collide and modes that can impede upon progressive thought, development, and cultivation. If life is a process, humanity exists as the epitome or embodiment of process. Living to understand this principle is living to become it. I find Freire's observation poignant and impactful.