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I enjoyed the atmosphere of the critique. I appreciated everything people had to say. Most of all the challenges to my content and the desire for grads to see a push in experimentation, I felt, was pivotal to the discussion. I left the crit with a some excitement on where i can take this body of work next. Being open not only to experimentation but to happenstance as an enriching part of the building process I think is important for all artists. I truly wish to reach a level, with my work, where once the work is complete my thinking and articulation are well refined.


I really enjoyed the chance of getting closer to both, Rashad's artistic reflections and Rashad's life's reflections. I am also gratefully surprised by the dichotomous essence of his artistic process. As I mentioned last Friday, the interaction between opposite/complimentary aesthetic choices gives me the sense of natural mutation and balance: rough and soft, bright and dark, heavy and light, emotional and mental, enigmatic and clear.