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Thanks & Self-Critique

First, I want to thank you all for your comments (blog posts or emails), they are incredibly valuable.
I definitely admit that my first studio critique wasn't a real studio critique at all, and the presentation format I chose didn't quite leave space and time for a discussion, as some of you already mentioned. However, I must admit that making that presentation allowed me to organize, see and evaluate my ideas and practice from an objective perspective, which is now helping me to understand where I am in this ongoing process. I look forward to having some new work done and share it with you in a physical space, instead of a boring flat slide.

I also want to share my experience with David's critique. I enjoyed the fact that we went to an unexpected "hidden space" inside the art department to find his piece. I think that the intimate space and general set up easily invited us to interact with the installation and discuss about it. However, ironically, it also potentialized the necessity of avoiding such evident intimacy. I liked that ambiguity. For this reason, it made me question if the experience would be completely different if we were to see that piece individually and not as a group.