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Jason, Jazz, Lindsey, and Laura

Friday's critiques were great! I agree with Laura about wanting to be apart of the conversation happening in Jason's studio, but I felt like the conversation was flowing and shouldn't be interrupted. Jason, your performance work is very strong. Every time I walk by your studio, I am reminded of the performance because of those reindeer antlers outside of your door. I agreed with Clive & Andrea that the presentation of the "remnants", "artifacts" or "props" (which ever you prefer) needs to be addressed. The testimony that the "props" represents is important for those viewers who did not witness the event and also for those that did witness as an immediate reminder. Perhaps think about editing the number of "props" for display. I am excited to see your next performances and wonder if you'll continue to involve the audience through participation?!

Jasmine, I am very engaged with the aesthetics of your work. Whether your making roosters or abstract sculptures, you transform the medium into having a raw immediacy. The work feels very spontaneous and experimental. As I look at the surface, I imagine what it would be like to touch. I am interested in how presenting these pieces suspended would create tension for the viewer and if this would enhance the idea of modern reconstruction.

Lindsey's, your porcelein masks, thimbles, and eggs are a significant change from the vessel work. This departure allows the conversation to focus more on the narrative your creating and less on the object you are painting. The thimbles demand more time from the viewer because of the intimate scale which I don't feel we each had during the critique. The idea of a collection creating a story is a great launching pad. You mentioned using the masks in a larger installation and I keep relating those casts to the elaborately decorated circus wagons we saw in Baraboo, WI.

Laura, you do make a beautiful iceberg! Are you interested in splitting the icebergs and oil rigs into separate environments? The oil rigs painted with colors associates with houses is direct and poses questions to your viewers about their consumption and responsibilities to the environment. Keep exploring these ideas! I have become increasingly conscious of my consumption over the last year and a half because of your work.