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jason: you thought The Performance Leftovers were dead, maybe they were in relation to the performance, maybe they had a life of their own, maybe they are what happened after the performance, transformation? the soil corridor became a mound, the decapitated christmas arms covered the perimeter, and then the multi-colored lays, with the martyrdom of st. sebastion-log on top. The sitting log became a character with antlers and all. I enjoy the idea of coining your own word or phrase for these leftovers. how can you make what's left talk to what happened?

jazzman: The one in fresh works made me think of a sow pig. I enjoy the forms very much, I enjoy the intro of the obnoxious color with the corrugated plastic layers. I wonder if you are interested in these structures more formally and aesthetically, or more conceptually. I wonder if the conceptual side, ever restricts the aesthetic. I wonder what you might build without a bit of concept? maybe the content is restricting you from something else? Maybe not?

Lindsey: There is a lot happening as was said, and I'm interested in all that's happening up there. maybe you need to tell the story through a whole room, a whole domestic space. I think if the thimbles had some progression or narration I spend more time with them. I think Clive was right about you being on the brink of something.

Primo: a big mighty immaculate berg, and I'd like to know about the other environmental concerns your thinking about, making sketches about, etc. What can you do with those little easter-colored rigs. what else can porcelain become?