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Rashad, P to the H to the T, Meng: Presentations

Rashad: I think I mentioned this in class, but my advice is to show less of the graphic design stuff in the beginning. I think you should show some, because it gives us a background for some of your formal concerns and where you started, but maybe give us the one that you feel is the best, give a little of that educational background, and then move on. Aside from that, the pacing of your presentation was good. Also, the pictures of your work were nice. It was easy just to enjoy the sculptural works because they were well documented. I think someone mentioned that you could show more of your research inspiration and I agree. The images you showed for your presentation in Wayne's class last semester were great and your overall presentation would be stronger with more of that. Last but not least, and you're probably getting sick of hearing about it, but it's all about the voice for you. Being a little more aware of how low it gets and varying your pitch and speed throughout would help. Your voice especially can be commanding and useful in public speaking, but it can also be lulling.

Peach Tea: This is well practiced and well paced. You cover a lot of time chronologically, but the images you choose reveal the common threads of interest that have evolved and persisted throughout. Great use of humor and pseudo-self deprecation. I realize you were showing this to a "known" group and your intent was to show work that most of us aren't familiar with, but I think many aren't as familiar with the art shanties or the A project as you think. Even those of us that are, it would be nice to see a few more pictures and hear a little more of the behind the scenes stuff.

Meng: I think it's good that you experimented with the different kinds of media available for your presentation, but for a finished presentation to strangers a more streamlined approach would be better. I'll also echo what others have said about the organization. You showed some interesting images and works that could play off of one another better if they were just in a different order. I enjoyed that you mentioned that film trilogy by the other director as inspiration for recent works. It would be nice to see small clips from that trilogy or hear from you more of why it inspired your work.