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Question: Are there several pages missing from the Sontag essay, for some reason something felt out of place. For example on page four where the last paragraph ends with the word 'it' and continues on page five with 'interpretation'. Who knows, maybe its me the essay felt strange yet right on target.

The funny thing about this incident is how it resignates with the idea of interpretation. Sontag's essay whether legible or not address two important points: interpretation and meaning. I love when she refers to interpretation as "revenge of the intellect upon art." My opinion of the intellect is it always tries to make sense out of everything. This is not to say that the intellect is devilish, i am only saying that there are moments when the intellect disrupts, damages, disregards and kills something beautiful, artful, boring, etc. For me, if it does not make sense the better, i like challage by confusion, this is what keeps me coming back. Like Sontag i hope to approach meaning in a similar fashion. By forgetting what it means i allow myself the freedom to see, hear, touch, read, kick and feel what is in front of me. Meaning is important, this i cannot deny; however it is not the death of a work.


jason gaspar

PS Rashad you should write a paper on this subject.