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Enrique Chagoya's Talk

Personally, Enrique Chayoya's presence in the Art Department was a refreshing and renovating experience for me. Since the beginning of his lecture, I felt connected, engaged, and somewhat identified with his career evolution and life experiences. I just loved that, despite the fact that he is been living in the United States for several years, his personality still reflects a unique perspective and reveals some of his own Mexican roots. An example of this was the smooth pace and length of his lecture, specially at the beginning when he started narrating the life events that made him become what he is now: 1.An artist, and 2. A person engaged with political issues. Thanks to this introduction about him and his life experiences, the works (slides) he presented throughout his presentation were strong and easy to understand and appreciate. I also enjoy how confident he was and how good he was as a story teller. Being able to talk about your own life, work and interests through a nice accessible tale, is an element that make people feel less distant from the artist who is talking to you. I really admire this.
On the other hand, I also enjoyed the fact that he showed his early work, and not only the work he has recently done or his "famous work". I consider that, specially in an academic context like ours, showing different samples and stages of work is very valuable.