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My Philosophy on the Studio Critique

Paul Klee said "We do not undertake the analyses of works because we want to copy them or suspect them. We investigate the methods by which another has created his work, in order to set ourselves in motion."
I have had this quote on my computer for some time now, and I came back and read it again when this seminar began. I guess it was the closest thing I had ever read to something that described my own feelings about why we have critique. I think the best critiques are the ones that leave me set in motion to continue to create works whether I am the one presenting work or not, and I want that goal to be in mind whenever I participate.
With that said, I feel that a conversation can happen in any number of ways if all the people involved are interested in this goal. It's really a critique model designed with artists in mind, and not centered around any movements towards judgement or acceptance. I really like the idea of allowing artists being critiqued to have control over what kind of conversation they would like to have, and really appreciated being given that opportunity to ask for what I needed throughout this semester.
It is a conversation though, and the times this past few months when I really was set in motion were the instances where a work was presented and a lively discussion ensued. It was the times when the group seemed in the moment, and it didn't feel like we were talking about how to make our works "better", but simply what that work was doing for people right then and there. This is the personal model for studio critique that I will take away from this seminar, and I look forward to many more lively discussions with this group before our time is done.