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My feelings on critiques have always been mixed. Sometimes I feel like it matters other times I don't. I often have come to a critique hoping for some kind of answers and have realized I already knew the answers to the questions I was asking.

For me the bottom line is to try to come to a critique situation wide open with out any baggage, to try to see the artist and what they are trying to do first and foremost and respond to that. However I find being put into a sitiuation where one has to respond immediatly taxing. I prefer to see the work, hear the artist and go away for awhile and think about it and then respond either through a meeting or text. For me this natural not forced. I also feel that this is closer to an outside the institution art experience.

While I've been at the U the crits I've enjoyed the most have been one an one converstaions with people I have invited to my studio. Where we not only talk about art but other interests. I feel in these situations the conversations can be larger and there is a greater chance to develop a connection with someone.

Having said all of this I thoroughly enjoyed my last critique with the class and think that that critique system is the most effective for large groups.

Thank you everyone for all of your feedback!!!