November 6, 2008

Pht on Jessica, Jason, Laura, TJ and Josh

Your preparation and practice were totally evident in your presentation, I think that is great. As I said I think that is far better than the painful for us and you alternative. I think now maybe it will be easier to relax it a little bit and make it feel slightly less formal and more personal at times. I would rather hear why certain art history references are important to you and less about them sounding like an art history lecture. I also appreciated the reference to reading and Ehrenriech, it is good to also bring in influences from outside the art world.

The old catholicism seems to make a connection to what you are doing with your performances. I like the very personal narrative about what you are doing and thinking about, with uncertainty mixed in. I think it can be good to be uncertain during a talk, I also think that in general chronology and starting from the beginning, where/when ever that is can be a great way to proceed.

The progression of your work makes sense, I like that I can see where it came from and how it came about. I like seeing the images of inspiration as well in your presentation, I also love the fact that your interest in icebergs came about during a family cruise.

I say tell stories for every artist talk. I found your telling to be completely engaging, informative and sincere. I was trying to think about how I would be reacting if I did not know you, which is hard to imagine, but I think the way you presented the sometimes masculine words was balanced by the video of you getting your ass kicked for 19 minutes. The contrast of seeing you get progressively more tired out as you spoke was compelling.

I again like how you start at the beginning and also bring in the land and the stone cabin. I do remember you saying something about how you dont think the images are that strong and that is why they need text, I dont think that is true and I also did not think you should or need to say that. I think it is ok to not be all confident (as I mentioned in connection to Jason) but I dont think you need to say that.

October 22, 2008

Pht presentation comments

I guess much of this was said already but one thing was that I couldn't see you! I like the casual nature if your talk and manner, but it was tough that I could only see your eyes. It is easier to stay engaged when I can see all of your face. I did like the way that you made connections between your work and how you made those connections apparent with what you showed.

I agree with the suggestion to switch around the order of what you present, putting the historical first and ending with the present time. There was a moment that felt like it could have been performative although I am not sure that it was intentional. It was during the 2nd time of using the document table when you were showing the story, I think you forgot to switch over to the document camera but there was this cool thing that happened where you were moving the document around and talking about it but we could not see it. Not sure if you want to explore the possibility of artist talk as performance but it was kind of a nice moment.