November 6, 2008

Pht on Jessica, Jason, Laura, TJ and Josh

Your preparation and practice were totally evident in your presentation, I think that is great. As I said I think that is far better than the painful for us and you alternative. I think now maybe it will be easier to relax it a little bit and make it feel slightly less formal and more personal at times. I would rather hear why certain art history references are important to you and less about them sounding like an art history lecture. I also appreciated the reference to reading and Ehrenriech, it is good to also bring in influences from outside the art world.

The old catholicism seems to make a connection to what you are doing with your performances. I like the very personal narrative about what you are doing and thinking about, with uncertainty mixed in. I think it can be good to be uncertain during a talk, I also think that in general chronology and starting from the beginning, where/when ever that is can be a great way to proceed.

The progression of your work makes sense, I like that I can see where it came from and how it came about. I like seeing the images of inspiration as well in your presentation, I also love the fact that your interest in icebergs came about during a family cruise.

I say tell stories for every artist talk. I found your telling to be completely engaging, informative and sincere. I was trying to think about how I would be reacting if I did not know you, which is hard to imagine, but I think the way you presented the sometimes masculine words was balanced by the video of you getting your ass kicked for 19 minutes. The contrast of seeing you get progressively more tired out as you spoke was compelling.

I again like how you start at the beginning and also bring in the land and the stone cabin. I do remember you saying something about how you dont think the images are that strong and that is why they need text, I dont think that is true and I also did not think you should or need to say that. I think it is ok to not be all confident (as I mentioned in connection to Jason) but I dont think you need to say that.

November 5, 2008

TJ, Laura, Jason, & Josh

TJ’s …I disagree with Brigg’s that you should let your audience know whether you’re giving a presentation or performance. Raad and Larson are great examples of performers who operate in a similar way you did and it works very well. You’re a natural. I’m still questioning whether all of your stories are truthful or exaggerations. I don’t want an answer. Art that keeps my mind returning to the experience is the most compelling.

Laura… Smart choice to animate your presentation in relation to the action verbs used to describe your research and influences. The presentation highlighted your sculptures very well (the research and influences worked as accents). In the future, dig into the conceptual side of the work further; keep the formal comments too.

Jason…Hearing about the places you have lived and experienced gives me more clues about your performances. I agree with the idea of mixing in your background with your work, so the audience sees your work sooner in the presentation. What about adding short video clips? Your voice was very calm and you didn’t swear! But, you didn’t look up very often. I admire your approach to life and art.

Josh…Your talk flowed naturally. I also enjoyed seeing the playground work and cabin undertaking (especially hearing about how the cabin is a sculpture). I’m very excited to see where you go with your work. I now look for cell phone towers in the “shape? of trees. If I see any in Uruguay, I’ll take pics and forward them on. Your writing and images will work very well in book format.

November 3, 2008

presentation fedback

Jessica- your talk went smooth and was very thorough. I did get a bit confused near the beginning, not knowing when you started talking about your work instead of your influences. But maybe it was just me. Your images were well presented. I enjoyed seeing people interact with the work.

Jason- I noticed that during your presentation you kept looking up at the screen when talking about your work. I think kept the audience engaged with the work. I enjoyed how you told us about your background and how your lifestyle changed through out your years. I can see how those things influence your art.

Laura- As I said in class, you had a good balance of resource images and shots of your work. You might have been gong a bit fast but it didn’t detract form what you were talking about. I enjoyed the little pop up pictures they made the presentation fun.

TJ- Great stories! I found them to be very interesting and they told me a lot about who you are. I didn’t find them boring and don’t think I would if I didn’t know you either. You have a way with capturing an audience and holding them.

Josh- you had a great balance between your work and your influences. Your bits of humor really make for a fun presentation. Including your side projects like summer work making playgrounds and your stone cabin are nice touches to add in. They can lead to talking about your travels and such.

October 24, 2008

Jess, Jason, TJ, Josh

Jessica- I think that it is clear that you are able to talk about other artist's work. It is interesting to hear how your relate to all of these artist but I agree more of your work could have been talked about longer. I too was confused when you were talking at the beginning about the saggy breast piece if that was your work or still the other artists work. I also wonder how much you have to say about what show, who curated, where it was... I tended to become very aware of that, instead of your actual piece of work.

Jason- Brother, I enjoy your ability to talk about things sincerely and with such passion. I also think it is really important to talk about where you come from and the experiences you have. I would liked to have heard a deeper explanation of your performances. Maybe reflections on thoughts that passed through when you were getting shot at or feelings you had when you were covering yourself with clay.

TJ- I did appreciate the stories, and I took it as an honest sincere performance. One that reflects someone who seems to know his identity because you were able to talk about it so well. In relation to some of the work that I have seen I wonder how much is you searching for it, struggling with it, fighting it or embracing it. Any time you want to sit around the fire and tell stories let me know.

Josh- You did seem very comfortable talking to us, which made it easy for me to see the work and also hear what your were saying. I enjoy the humor that you bring verbally and visually in the work. The work that you do outside of the studio (cabin, playgrounds) maybe could be condensed to 2 or 3 slides. Although they influence you, they become somewhat distracting in your talk.

Jason, TJ, Jessica, Laura & Josh

Jessica: Great presentation! In my opinion the introduction was good and brief, you gave a clear idea of the size and "artistic environment" of the town your are coming from. The presentation of the references was very interesting and enriching, although I don't know if there were too many references or, said in other words, I'm not sure if it is important to show the references of each of your works. To conclude, I find your work itself very strong and I think you should focus even more talking about it.

Jason: I think it was important to know where did you come from because your past has strongly influenced your current ideas and your work. However, in my opinion, you should focus on the main ideas you are interested in and, from that point, present your work and past experiences in relation with them.
Some other comments:Look more at the audience, it creates a closer relationship among you, your work and your audience.
You could explain better your ideas of "border" and "fading" and how they relate with your work.
It wasn't clear for me why is the picture of Lauren (?) with the branch a "perfect" image about you and your work.
To conclude, you didn't explain what was the process and main idea of your performances. If possible, it could be a good idea to show a brief part of the videos of the performances. I find your recent performances very strong and I think you could take more time to talk about them.

Laura: I liked the way you started your presentation showing some pieces of your work in relation with your past experiences. I appreciated that you gave a brief introduction of your early work and then mainly focus on your current interest in global warming and the different works you've done to approach it. However, it wasn't clear to me if your early icebergs are related with global warming or you got to global warming later.
One more thing: I guess it is important to have notes so you don't miss an important idea you want to talk about, but I think you could try to have just some written "keywords", and not read long sentences.

TJ: Your storytelling presentation was very refreshing, unique and I love how it became a performance. I liked the way you gave us several "cues" about you and it was up to us to put them together and "struggle" to discover what was hidden behind your words.

Josh: I think your humor and narrative style were great elements during your presentation. The sequence, references, and pace you use were very engaging. I'm not sure if you showed too much information by including many ideas and works. At least for me, it was hard for me to follow all your ideas (which are great!) and somehow wish you could focus in your main "concerns".