November 18, 2008

The last of the presenters

These remarks may be brief but they are honest. I should have posted them when the presentations were fresh in my memory. Sorry if they don’t make sense

Lindsay- I found your presentation to be engaging and smart. You seemed comfortable talking about your influences. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the fantastical places you visited. You mentioned that you didn’t want to show recent work because we have seen it but I would have enjoyed hearing you talk about your new work out of the critique setting.

Jasmine- One thing that you could have done to greatly improve your presentation would be not to read from a script. I find that it detracts from the energy of the talk. If you feel the need to have a script maybe shooting off of it or at least making more eye contact would help. Seeing the images of the disasters and then shots of your work was interesting. I enjoyed seeing and hearing about the relationship between these things and your sculpture. Also, your figure sculptures you made in under grad are awesome! Thick with emotion. I think you should make some more.

Chad- From your talk I can see a clear relationship between your design background and your studio practice. I enjoyed seeing the Manifest destiny logo you created. It would be nice to see a bit more of your design work. I agree with Chris that it might have helped to show your America landscape pictures faster, as if you were driving. Maybe you could have them going as you talk about the overall idea for the project flowed by a selected group that you go into detail about.

Juana- Great time management! Some how you were able to start off talking about your childhood, you being the chosen one, and making all the way to your recent work seemingly with out anything missing or skimmed over. The energy of your presentation was high and very enjoyable. One thing that you could have gone into a bit more would be your interest in Alchemy Maybe you could have talked a bit more about that.